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Ten Thousand Philanthropists Help Thousands of Families in Southwest China Project Proposal

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

(By YuLe; Translated by Mingfu Liu, YuLe)


Eradication of hunger and poverty is not only a global issue, but also a difficult task. On December 12, 1992, the 47th Assembly of the United Nations passed a resolution that starting from 1993, the 17thof October is observed as International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, and all member nations and international community are required to act toward the goal to eradicate poverty. Since 2007, various events were organized on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty for the common cause -- Working together to eradicate poverty, especially eliminate extreme poverty, with no one left he hind. These events effectively called on the participation of governments of UN member nations and proactively promoted the cause of eradication of poverty. People of extreme poverty has dropped form 2.1 billion in 1992 to 0.7 billion. So much more is need to be done toward the UN goal of not leaving any one behind.

II. China’s Achievement and Plan

According to survey of International Foundation of Eradication of Poverty, China as the most populous developing nation had made most significant achievement to eradicate poverty in the last 40 years since starting economic reform and open-door policies, and putting economic development its first priority. About 0.7 billion people from remote rural areas have got rid of poverty. Especially since 2014, China has further put eradication of poverty one of the four strategies of modernization, and the most important program for 100 years, and carried out a series of specific measures to accomplish its goals, providing the world with its excellent plan to eradicate poverty.

China has now entered a critical phase of eradication of poverty and is trying the best to overcome all difficulties, especially in the provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions in the middle west where minorities live, i.e. the three regions and three named Zhou municipalities (three regions refer to Tibet,Southern Xinjiang, and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; three “Zhous” refer to Xia Zhou in Gansu Province, Liangshan Zhou in Sichuan Province, and Nujiang Zhou in Yunnan Province)。 In these regions and municipalities, poverty still prevail in large scale and quite severe, increasing both costs and difficulties in the efforts of eradication of poverty. To eradicate poverty in these regions and municipalities and to increase the living standard close to developed countries by 2020 are a pretty difficult task, and time is pressing. Sanhe Village of Sanchahe town and Huopu Village of Jiefang town and other very poor villages located in Zhaojue county, Liangshan Zhou in Sichuan Province is in urgent need for helps. Therefore, we call on every walks of our society come together, take actions, work hard and contribute for our common cause of eradication of poverty. Your participation with love and efforts in eradicating poverty in the world in general, and in China in particular is always an honor in history.

III. New Measures for Eradication of Poverty

We overseas Chinese all have our blood from our ancestry, our fate is closely connected to our motherland, and feel proud of China becoming strong. To support China’s aviation enterprise, at the same time to combine our efforts for the cause of eradication of poverty, North America Land and Water Aviation Group (Holdings) Ltd. specialized in training of pilots, tourism and cargo transportation, in collaboration with China Dayou E-Commerce Ltd., Zhonghao General Aviation Inc. Ltd., and Beijing Euro-France Commercial Aviation International Ltd., has taken the initiatives to develop land and water aviation and transportation network system for inter-county transportation, and help eradication of poverty in China. On January 4, 2019, an Agreement of China-Canada Joint Training of Ten Thousand Aviation Professionals and Helping Ten Thousand People to Eradicate Poverty was signed in Chengdu.

According to this agreement, with the help of the advantage of Canada-North America experience and expertise in training aviation professionals and aviation related market and management professionals, a five-year plan starting from 2019 is to support China in training aviation and related professionals to meet the high demand of the rapid development of China’s aviation enterprise, a great marketing opportunity, at the same time, combine efforts with the great cause of eradication of poverty - help a poor family to train an aviation professional so as to help a family to eradicate poverty and lead a good life like life in a developed country. This is an investment which will bring more benefits and more wins.

North America Land and Water Aviation Group (Holdings) Ltd and three Chinese collaborating companies jointly proposed a five-year plan “Training Aviation Professionals Program”, i.e. train 10 thousand pilots,30 thousand flight attendants, 30 thousand ground service personnel. Candidate trainees are from the members of poor family in the South West region in poverty (1 municipality, 2 regions, and 3 provinces).

The ten thousand pilot trainees will get training in aviation theory and related disciplines in China for three years, then get three months of flying training in Island Coastal Aviation Inc., a subsidiary of North America Land and Water Aviation Group (Holdings) Ltd. The training of the first 500 pilot trainees in land and water aviation will start in 2019. It will take five years to recruit and train group by group ten thousand pilot trainees from families in poverty, to bring thousands of families out of poverty. All preparations for the first phase of the program are now already completed.

IV. Program Implementation

We call for all communities to support this significant program -- Ten Thousand Philanthropists Help Thousands of Families - endorsed by International Poverty Alleviation Foundation, to lend our hands and to give our love to those in desperate need in the regions in poverty in Southwest China, and at the same time to support the aviation enterprise in China by training urgently needed aviation professionals.

International Poverty Alleviation Foundation (IPAF) is a global charity organization aiming at alleviating all poverty, not even leaving one behind. IPAF highly supports our Ten Thousand Philanthropists Help Thousands of Families project to help people in poverty in the regions in poverty in South Western China, and help training aviation professionals in Canada, and believes that Ten Thousand Philanthropists Help Thousands of Families program finds a new way to alleviate poverty in China and in the world in general.

International Poverty Alleviation Foundation and Canadian Community Service Association have studied this Ten Thousand Philanthropists Help Thousands of Families proposal, discussed with the Chinese and Canadian companies involved, and have offered full supports of this significant and practical event of public supports. Donation from some individuals may not be in significant amount, but they signify the support and contribution to train a pilot from a family in poverty and aviation enterprise in our motherland with loving hearts; they show our ancestral loving connections to our motherland; and most importantly they show the power and the respect of universal love.

International Poverty Alleviation Foundation, Canadian Community Service Association and Zhou Enlai Foundation, therefore, jointly announce to launch the Ten Thousand Philanthropists Help Thousands of Families project in Canada, to collect funds to support pilot trainees for their three months of living expenses in Canada. Approximately each trainee needs support of 1200 Canadian dollars. This is a great opportunity for overseas Chinese and the whole society to show support and love to alleviate poverty.

All donations are tax deductible. In Canada, a special account of Zhou Enlai Foundation is designated for donations, and Zhou Enlai Foundation issues donation receipts for tax return purpose. In China, a special account of China Charities Aid Foundation (CCAFC) is designated for donations, AAAFC issues donation receipts for tax return purpose.

Initiative Launch Press Conference

Time: January 22, 2019 @2pm

Location: Focus Media


105-4351 No.3 Road

Richmond, BC



(1) The organizations of public welfare (in no particular order)

1. Host: International Poverty Alleviation Foundation

2. Organizer: Canadian Community Service Association

3. Co-organizers:

Zhou Enlai Foundation, Canada

China Charities Aid Foundation for Children

This charity event is designated to receive donations:

1. Canadian institution: Canada Zhou Enlai Foundation

2. Chinese institutions:

China Charities Aid Foundation for Children

Participation in the initiative to initiate activities

Canadian institution Sponsors (in no particular order):

Canadian Chinese Culture Heritage Foundation

North American General Aviation Industry Development Association

Asia Pacific Yacht Industry Development Association

MCC Elite Club

MCC High-end Travel Customs Co., Ltd.

North American Water and Land Aviation Group Holdings Limited

Advisor Committee:

1st Honorary Advisor: Hong Geng

Honorary Advisors:

Yue Zhou, Lin Wang, Jianjun Li, Bingquan Lu, and Jihong Niu

Organizing Committee:

Honorary Chairman: Yu Junzuo

Co-chairs: Jianyu Wang, Haiqing Xue & Ting Wang, Yang Yang, Zhenyu Cao, and Hua Wang

Chairman (Head of the project):

Harris Niu, President of the Canadian Community Services Association

Advisor, Chinese Advisor Committee to John Horgan, Premier of British Columbia

Executive Chairman (CEO of the project):

Shuguo Zhou

President of

North America Land and Water Aviation Group (Holdings) Ltd.

Canadian Western Seaplanes Ltd.

Island Coastal Aviation Inc.

General Secretary of Zhou Enlai Foundation

Deputy Secretary-General: Yu Zhou

Secretary: Bo Jiang

Office Director: Lu Cheng

1st Deputy Office Director: Yu Zhou

Deputy Office Directors: Jun Zi, Yun Chen

Volunteer Coordinator: Meihua Huang

Remarks: The right to interpret this event belongs to the International Poverty Alleviation Foundation and the Canadian Community Service Association (CCSA).

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