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Looking for Outstanding Canadian Youth Like You-Application for the 3rd CCSA Youth Star Awards Night

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

(By YuLe)

Are you a rising star of innovation and entrepreneurship? Do you have outstanding achievements and accomplishments in art, sports, and academics? Do you have a heart that is passionate about charity and social development? As long as you have been actively involved in any of the above aspects, welcome to register! This stage and the trophy filled with honor belongs to you!

The Host of this evening: Youth Committee, Canadian Community Service Association

Organizer: Beauty Vision Society

Co-sponsors: Focus Youth Forum, Canadian Youth Union Foundation

Since 2016, the CCSA Youth Star Awards Night has been held for 2 consecutive years and has received strong support from the Consulate General and the Canadian Level 3 Government. With the purpose of promoting Chinese traditional culture and promoting the all-round development of Canadian youth, the association recruited Canada's “Youth Stars” through social media, local education committees and all walks of life. We selected outstanding young elites and awarded certificates and honors from various aspects judged by professional jury members. It aims to encourage and cultivate outstanding young elites who have made outstanding contributions in various aspects, and showcase traditional Chinese qualities. We encourage young people to develop and innovate in creative ways, while maintaining a sense of social responsibility for the community and the world.

The awards include five categories:

· Star of Public Welfare Correct outlook on life, values, good moral quality and willing to help others, willing to contribute to society, and keen on public welfare.

· Star of Academics Have scientific and cultural knowledge, skills, good self-learning ability and outstanding academic achievements.

· Sports Star of Sports Outstanding athletic achievements with relevant sports knowledge and skills.

· Star of Arts Appreciative and creative in arts, outstanding achievements and accomplishments in the fields of visual arts, vocal, music musical instrumental, performing arts, etc.

· Star of Innovation keen on innovation, have entrepreneurial skills and leadership, have a positive and positive work concept, outstanding achievements in technological innovation or entrepreneurship.

During the awards evening, the outstanding ethnic art groups presented authentic, youthful performances with vitality and vitality, showing Canada's multicultural and positive spirit.

The Awards Night

Time: November 24, 2018 6:30-9:00 PM

Location: Focus Media Theatre

4351 No 3 Rd #105, Richmond, BC V6X 2C3

Candidate registration: click the link

and fill out the registration form, along with your resume, email to:

Program registration method: Tel: 7789269333

Send a show or video to:

Sponsorship Contact: Tel:7788468705 / 7789269633


Canadian Community Service Association The Canadian Community Service Association (CCSA) was found in 2002 by Mr. Pu Xiang, who was also the first Chairman. The CCSA has a long-term commitment of serving the Chinese community in Canada, and promoting the communication and cooperation among various ethnic groups and communities. The CCSA also helped the Chinese people to integrate into the Canadian society, sought and protected the equal rights of the Chinese Canadians, enhanced the equality, harmony and unity for the multicultural society of Canada, improved the culture exchange and economic and trade cooperation between Canada and China. CCSA is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political NGO that has been officially registered in Canada, and has developed its membership with over 20,000 people. As one of the most influential Canadian NGO, CCSA adheres to the idea of serving the Chinese Community since the first day it was founded, and has organized a great number of events, including sixteen Vancouver Chinese Spring Festival Celebrations (Banquet for thousands of people), the Chinese Culture Heritage Festival in 2015, 2016 ,2017 and 2018 with participants over ten thousand people, and ten Vancouver Water-Splashing Festivals and three CCSA Golf Games. From 2008, CCSA and its members actively involved in both Canadian and Chinese charities with generous donation to the people has been suffered for disaster victims of the Wenchuan Earthquake, University of British Columbia, the Fund of the Richmond Hospital and the Canadian Red Cross for the fire erupted in Fort McMurray. According to incomplete statistics, the total donation from the members of CCSA has raised over 6 million Canadian dollars which was positive contribution to the communities of both Canada and China.

CCSA Youth Association

CCSYA (Canadian Community Service Youth Association) is a subsidiary organization of CCSA - Canadian Community Service Association. CCSYA devote to support and provide guidance for youth elites in Canada who are passionate individuals in the field of academics, sports, innovation, performing arts, and social welfare. CCSYA strives to enable opportunities for youths to participate in both local communities and international sectors. Our mission is to lead them to future careers and create positive impact in the Canadian society. We genuinely wish that through our association, the young generation will expand their potential and success in their future endeavors.

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